Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ad Mad, Creativity and Innovation! A report.

JMI E-club as a part of the cultural committee of the University was one of the many facets of the annual fest MiRAAS 2013. The E-club successfully organised and conducted three major events under the management fiesta. First in the lot was Ad-Mad (Creativity and Innovation) competition held on 26th February 2013, at 11a.m., and a total of 10 teams from different universities including JMI took part in this highly entertaining and exciting event.

The judges for the event were Prof Ritu Sapra, Prof Amitabh Roy and Prof Saad Ahmed.
The competition was divided into 3 rounds, first round being the pictograph round which required participants to pick up chits randomly containing names of different organisations and major companies and draw them out on the whiteboard to let their team members guess the names of the companies solely on the basis of the pictures drawn. The teams that successfully guessed the companies on the basis of pictures proceeded to the next round.

6 teams were selected for the next round, which was the poster-making round. A theme was given to the participants “Privatization of Indian Railways” on which they were required to make advertisements within 20 minutes. The teams were then required to enact the scenes of the advertisement they had prepared.

Finally the results were announced and the best teams were adjudged the winners.
The Amity Business School,Noida stood tall above all, Jamia Hamdard University and Apeejay School of Management were the first and second runners up respectively.

The participants, judges as well as the audience thoroughly enjoyed the entire event as it turned out to be an entertaining event with the entire audience in splits at the various enactments carried out by the teams. Overall the ad mad contest was a brilliant success and a feather in the cap of the JMI Entrepreneurship Club!

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