Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Day Before Deadline

In less than 24 hours, Day 1 of this festive extravaganza titles MiRAAS will near its closure. Sitting uselessly at home on a dim Sunday I wonder what it will actually be like to see the events unfurl one after the other. The Music Club, Entrepreneurship Club, and The Fine Arts Club, will be hosting some of the most entertaining and competitive events such as the Solo and Group singing competition, "Ad-Mad"(Creativity and Innovation Competition), Management Guru(Case Study Competition), and Mask Painting competition, respectively, in sync with the Literary Club which will host Poetry Composition and Recitation Competition, and The Students' Seminar.

26th February, and the days that follow will hold a great scope for the students at Jamia to improve, improvise and implement the plans they have set for MiRAAS 2013 and beyond. Though the Festival is being held for the basic purpose of lightening up the atmosphere, it does put the organizers under a lot of stress as it approaches. This pre-fest anxiety has been fueling adrenalin in those who have shouldered various responsibilities. I see them all running around with files, and loose sheets of paper, around my work station. Though the media team has been a bit slow, we will be covering the Fest as best as we can and keep the blog up to date. Our work will begin the moment the festival is inaugurated, our reporters and photographers will be scanning the different venues where the festivities take place, and load the editors.

Vismaiy Avasthi
B.A.(H) English 2nd year