Cultural Committee

The Jamia Cultural Committee has been established to nurture and promote diverse skills, talents amongst the students and for their overall personality development. The following clubs have been formed and are organizing various events and activities on regular basis.   
1.      BOL – The Debating society
2.      Drama Club
3.      Music and Fine Arts Club
4.      Literary Club
5.      Entrepreneurship Club

The committee actively organizes various events throughout the year with exuberant participation from various Universities and Colleges.

The Committee is headed by the esteemed Dean, Students' Welfare, Jamia Millia Islamia.
Prof. Tasneem Meenai, with all her enthusiasm and efforts leads the Cultural Committee to its ace endeavours and the result is, never ending laurels. 

The other members of the Committee are as under:

1.      BOL-The Debating Society
Dr. Sheema Aleem
Dr. Naseeb Ahmad
Dr. Asmat Jahan
2.      Drama Club
Prof. Razi Ahmad Kamal
 Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Khan
3.      Music and Fine Arts Club
Dr. Seeme Murtaza
Mr. Zamir Ahmad Khan
Mr. A. C. Kharingpam
4.      Literary Club
Dr. Kahkashan Ahsan Shad
Dr. Anuradha Ghosh
Mr. Mohd. Sarwarul Hoda
5.      Entrepreneurship Club
Dr. Naseeb Ahmad
Dr. Saif Siddiqui
Mr. Faiyaz Ahmad

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