Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Reporting Ragas

Indian Vocal (Solo), Amity University
It was a warm Tuesday morning when Miraas was declared open. The first event to take place at Miraas was the Indian Vocal (Solo) Competition at 11 am. The venue was M.A.Ansari Auditorium and it was packed to the rafters with an enthusiastic crowd. The judges for the Indian Vocal (Solo) Competition were Ustad Saeed – a composer and sitar maestro from the Kirana Gharana, Anwar Ali Sahab – a music director belonging to the Delhi Gharana and Dr Ayesha from the Gwalior Gharana.
Indian Vocal (Solo), Sri Venkateshwara College, DU
Students from various universities and colleges participated in the competition and presented a host of masterpieces in various genres. This was followed by the Indian Vocal (Group) Competition which started at 12:45 pm. The panel of judges was the same as Indian Vocal (Solo), and the different universities participating in the competition fuelled the enthusiasm in the crowd with their music and set the stage on fire.
Indian Vocal (Group), Maitreyi College, DU

The Western Vocal Group and solo competition were equally enthralling. Dr Ayesha, Dr Yaruingam, and Mrs Aruna Massey formed the judging panel for both the events. Their judgement seemed to have been extremely difficult owing to the equally competent performers. By the end of the music events, the auditorium was roaring with amusement and appreciation for the participants. Music truly rules over hearts.

Western Vocal (Group), Jamia Millia Islamia

Zainab Abrar
B.A.(H) English II

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