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The Commencement of the Inaugural Ceremony
Felicitation of the Chief Guest: Anusha Rizvi, Director, Peepli Live
Felicitation of the Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Najeeb Jung
Felicitation of Mrs Vice-Chancellor, Amina Jung
Welcome Speech by the Dean, Students' Welfare, Prof. Tasneem Meenai

MiRAAS 2013 Newsletter release
E-Club Newsletter release 
MiRAAS Magic smile!

The Gathering
The Far Sight

Inaugural performance

Coming soon..DAY 2
Coming soon..
Coming soon..

Once upon a time..
Baazicha-e-atfaal hai duniya mere aagey,
Hota hai shab-o-roz tamasha mere aagey.

Enactment of Tughlaq; Courtesy: Drama Club

Ravish Kumar at The National Debate 2012; Courtesy: BOL-The Debating Society

Enactment of Lahore; Courtesy: Drama Club

Registration Desk at The National Debate 2012

Enactment of Suryamukh; Courtesy: Drama Club

Prof. Tasneem Meenai, Dean, Students' Welfare, giving away prizes.

Enactment of Madandhta; Courtesy: Drama Club

Qawwali Performance; Courtesy: Music Club

The 'BOL' Team

The New Library

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